Tube bending is an essential field of forming technology. It is impossible to imagine our everyday life without the tubes produced. A wide variety of liquids, but also gases, are transported in them. In addition to plastic pipes, metal pipes are an important part of the industry, tolerating heat or cold and being particularly robust. Tube bending is demanding because the sheets must neither crack nor wrinkle. We encounter bent pipes in vehicle construction, aircraft and shipbuilding, in the chemical industry, refrigeration and air-conditioning technology, the furniture industry, steel construction, mechanical and plant engineering or in the installation trade.

The right lubricants for tube bending

In order for tube bending to function properly, the right lubricants are needed in addition to the relevant tools. The oil-free lubricants from LBI oil free have been experiencing increasing demand for years, as the call for environmental protection is also becoming louder in these classic industries. Their economy reduces the amount of waste. In addition to aspects of environmental protection, increasing cost pressure also makes oil-free lubricants a sought-after solution. This is because they make expensive washing of the materials superfluous, which drastically reduces water consumption. Further processing is possible immediately after tube bending.

Sustainable tube bending

Our high-tech lubricant range LUBbend is optimised for tube bending. strong>LUBbend has an excellent lubricating effect with maximum heat dissipation at the same time.

LUBbend is available as a gel and liquid. If the dispensing technology optimised for this purpose, e.g. the LBI mandrel lubrication system, is used, leakage of the lubricant from the bent tube is avoided. The superior cooling effect, coupled with the excellent lubrication and wear protection performance, offer the user the maintenance of high cycle rates with constant or even longer tool service lives.

LUBsol belongs to the group of evaporating lubricants and is used in tube bending where dry and residue-free workpieces are required by the customer after tube bending.

The LUBsol BL lubricants in particular live up to the call for environmentally friendly solutions. The formula uses biodegradable solvents made from renewable raw materials. No matter which lubricant you choose. LBI oil free also supplies the appropriate dispensing technology, which can be tested in your production environment.

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