So that processes in toolmaking don't run hot

In toolmaking, it is increasingly important that process chains deliver optimal results quickly, flexibly and with pinpoint accuracy. More and more companies are switching from automated production to data-driven toolmaking. This entails a significant increase in speed. In order to nevertheless ensure the highest functional reliability of the tools and at the same time the productivity of the mould and tool, lubricants are becoming increasingly important.

Blick in Umformwerkzeug mit eingelegten Karrosserieteilen

Highest performance for toolmaking

LBI oil free lubricants do justice to automated and digital manufacturing in toolmaking, because the high-tech lubricants are designed for efficiency, quality and maximum performance. In the smallest quantities, the workpiece and machines are kept cool and protected from corrosion during the machining process. The biodegradable products enable immediate further processing of the tools and moulds, as the lubricants dry quickly and do not form residues. The component surfaces can then be painted, soldered or welded.

Reduce costs with oil-free lubricants

Our oil-free lubricants more than do justice to environmental protection, which is also an important entrepreneurial component in toolmaking. During production, we do not only do without oils, but also without chlorine, silicone and heavy metals. This not only protects the environment, but also the health of our employees. In addition, no expensive washing of machines and workpieces is necessary. The costly disposal of waste water also saves money and energy. This factor eases the cost and price pressure and of the market enormously.

The process chains of multi-axis machining centres also benefit from our high-tech lubricants. If required, these can be adapted to the individual needs of our customers. This is guaranteed by our in-house laboratory, where special formulations are developed and produced. We also have the appropriate dispensing technology in our portfolio. This can be tested on site in interaction with the lubricants.

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