Manual MQL dispensing systems for internal tube lubrication

Clean and drip-free lubrication for minimised lubricant consumption with the LBI HSE-2-P system

In many cases, internal mandrel lubrication is not practical or technically feasible. In these cases, manual lubrication of the tubes before insertion into the machine is recommended.

We have developed the mobile HSE-2-P system to minimise lubricant consumption while maximising forming performance.

LBI HSE-2-P Dispensing system

There are many reasons to opt for manual dispensing instead of automated dispensing. Several lubricants to be used, many different diameters and flexibility are just some of them. The tubes are often "flooded" with oil before being inserted into the machine, which then has to be collected in a drip tray at the other end of the tube and then reused or disposed of at great expense. In addition to high consumption, this procedure also increases the cleaning effort for the machine and the surrounding area. Furthermore, the amount applied is subject to high variations.

This is exactly where our HSE-2-P system comes in. It essentially consists of two components: The pressure tank with spray pressure regulator and a manual spray lance.

Pressure tank with spray pressure control

The system is equipped with a 2-litre aluminium pressure tank with visual fill level indicator.

To minimise the spray mist, the system is also equipped with a spray pressure regulator so that the right spray pressure can always be set for the lubricant or lubricating oil used.

360° hand spray lance

Our 360° manual spray lances are available in lengths from 10 to 2,000 mm and produce a homogeneous spray pattern around the entire circumference of the pipe. Even large pipe diameters can be lubricated evenly.

To prevent the lubricant from drying out, the seal is located at the very front of the opening. Both low-viscosity and gel-like products can be sprayed very finely with the lance.

In order to be able to adapt the dosed quantity to the process, there is a manual adjustment screw on the handle of the spray lance for infinitely variable regulation of the applied quantity.

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