Save a lot of money and time without tedious washing processes

If lubricants containing oil are used in metalworking, the workpieces must then be freed from adhering lubricant residues by various washing processes. In production lines, this cleaning should be integrated into the production process in order to avoid process-related disadvantages. Because every interruption not only costs time, but also money. To ensure this, large companies cannot afford manual washing, but have to invest in expensive equipment to integrate the necessary washing. As a result, these washes should remove the impurities caused by lubricants containing oil and ensure the required technical cleanliness for smooth further processing.

Wassertropfen vor dunklem Hintergrund

A lot of effort and expensive disposal

Various methods are used for these washes: spray cleaning, flash flooding, immersion cleaning, ultrasound or steam degreasing. Often enough, cleaning is still done with solvents or petroleum. Afterwards, the workpieces have to be dried so that they can be further processed. In addition to the workpieces, the machines also have to be cleaned again and again, which leads to production stoppages. This is because the machining process with high speeds and oil as a lubricant produces the dreaded oil mist. Although there are so-called oil separators for this purpose, they cannot completely prevent the oil film on the machines. These washes also require more than just a lot of water. In the end, emulsions or other mixtures, i.e. toxic waste, have to be disposed of. The hazardous mixture of water and/or solvent with oil-containing lubricants and foreign particles must be collected at great expense and transported away as hazardous waste by a specialised company. In the case of waste containing chlorine, high-temperature incineration must even be ensured to prevent dioxin formation. This is up to eight times more expensive than the normal waste disposal that occurs in metal processing plants.

With LBI oil free, washing processes are eliminated

All this is a thing of the past for companies when they use the oil-free lubricants from LBI oil free. Because the basis of the lubricants are regenerative and/or synthetic polymers that are biodegradable. The formulations completely dispense with mineral oil, chlorine, silicone and heavy metals. This makes them a forward-looking alternative to conventional lubricants or forming oil. The individually customisable lubricants, for which LBI oil free also has the appropriate dispensing technology ready, individual lubricants, also makes time-consuming washing processes of workpieces and machines superfluous. The products are biodegradable and thus make a valuable contribution to protecting the environment. People also benefit from the quality of these lubricants through a non-toxic working environment. The workpieces dry very quickly and can be painted or welded immediately. 

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