LUBsol is the new generation of evaporating lubricants

The LUBsol product range offers valuable benefits for stamping and forming technology processes. Thanks to the special selection of raw materials and formulation, the vaporising lubricants are characterised by an excellent lubricating effect with maximum heat dissipation.

The superior cooling effect of the new solvents, coupled with the excellent lubrication and wear protection performance, ensure high cycle rates with constant or even longer tool service lives in the area of punching and forming of high-alloy materials and special materials. In addition to the challenges posed by high-performance tools and modern machining methods, the choice of lubricant is one of the fundamental pillars of the process.

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The advantages of the LUBsol product range at a glance:

  • Outstanding lubrication performance
  • Excellent wear protection
  • Optimum cooling effect
  • Reduced lubricant consumption
  • Mostly weldable without washing
  • Best corrosion protection
  • Biocide-free

The product range more than fulfils the unmistakable call for environmentally friendly solutions, as it is free from mineral oil, aromatics, chlorine, silicone and heavy metals and is not subject to the 31st BlmSchV and TRbF. It is neither a hazardous substance nor a VOC product. The products are developed in the company's own laboratory on the basis of environmentally and workplace-friendly solvents and are manufactured in Germany.

The LUBsol product range includes

  • LUBsol G-series
    High-performance lubricants for light to medium forming work
  • LUBsol GP-series
    High-performance lubricants for heavy to extremely heavy forming work
  • LUBsol K-series
    Biosolvent, non-hazardous, light to medium forming work
  • LUBsol BL-series
    Biosolvents, heavy to very heavy forming work

The residue behaviour of the products allows the workpieces to be processed further without further washing processes thanks to the rapid evaporation. Even welding and painting can be carried out immediately without any problems. If higher levels of cleanliness are required, cleaning with water or mild alkaline cleaners is usually sufficient. Ideally, the lubricants are applied using LBI oil free dosing and spraying technology. Test set-ups in the production environment make it easier to switch from conventional to our modern lubricants. Thanks to the services of the company's own laboratory with its experienced development team, customised formulations enable perfect solutions for the required process parameters. Do you have any questions about our LUBsol product range? Then get in touch with us.

More informations about the different applications of our lubricants are available here.

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