Tube production benefits from our environmentally friendly lubricants

Pipe manufacturing is an integral part of industry because pipes play a major role as a means of transport. More than half of the pipes processed in Europe are made of steel. Tube forming serves a variety of manufacturing sectors and is therefore heavily dependent on industrial production volumes. Machine and plant builders, the automotive industry are important markets that benefit from LBI oil free product lines. This is because the lubricants, without which tube forming is inconceivable, are not only significantly cheaper with the company from Worm, but also decidedly environmentally friendly. Both should go down well in the relevant industries, which are currently not spared from the global mood of crisis.

Environmentally friendly pipe manufacturing

Our lubricants are oil-free, extremely economical and enable immediate further processing of the workpieces. The pipes can be welded or painted immediately. The innovative and forward-looking formula of the lubricants not only dispenses with mineral oil, but is also free of chlorine, silicone, Teflon, solvents and aromas. The company's own product lines, but also those of IRMCO, which we distribute, are label-free, biodegradable and particularly skin-friendly. This also eliminates the need for classification as a hazardous substance.

By using these lubricants, expensive washing after tube forming can be dispensed with. This saves time and a lot of money, as neither water is needed nor waste water has to be disposed of as hazardous waste. This increases the efficiency of production immensely, which is an important criterion in these tense times.

Broad portfolio

LBI oil free also has a wide-ranging portfolio of very different lubricants for the demanding pipe manufacturing industry, into which decades of experience and a great deal of know-how have been incorporated. Water-based, water-free or dry lubricants are available as well as special forming and cooling lubricants. The company's own laboratory makes it possible to quickly and easily adapt the formulations individually to the actual requirements.

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