Cleaning workpieces and equipment after machining with conventional oil-based lubricants is time-consuming, expensive and slows down the production process. A lot of water, energy and manpower is required to enable further processing of the tubes, blanks or other components. LBI oil free lubricants make all this unnecessary, because the workpieces are clean and dry after processing. The workpieces can be directly welded, coated or even cataphoretic paintingh is possible without washing. This saves time, money and protects the environment. If washing is necessary for other reasons, LUB lubricants can be removed very easily with warm water or a mild cleaning agent.

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No expensive cleaning

The intelligent formulation of LBI oilfree lubricants makes the use of mineral oil superfluous. This not only has a significant effect on the costs, which are eliminated by the elimination of expensive washing processes for products and equipment, but also protects the health of the employees. The fluids can be dosed very sparingly and significantly reduce the fogging of the lubricants.

No interruption of production

LBI oil free lubricants are based on regenerative and synthetic polymers. These are particularly contemporary, as they are mostly biodegradable. Their innovative formulations do not require chlorine, silicone or heavy metals. This makes them a forward-looking alternative to conventional forming lubricants or forming oils. Therefore, the waste does not have to be disposed of as hazardous waste. Another advantage: since cleaning is not required, the production process does not have to be interrupted, which has an effective effect on the production cycle.

Tried and tested overall solution

The economical dispensing with the manual or automatic dispensing systems drastically reduces the lubricant consumption and thus also the disposal costs. LBI oil free thus provides a field-tested overall solution into which a great deal of experience has flowed. Do you have any questions about cleaning when using our products? Then simply contact us. We will be happy to advise you.

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