Leistungsstarke Kühlschmierstoffe für die Zerspanung

The cooling lubricants (KSS) from LBI oil free are combined in the LUBcut series. The outstanding product is LUBcut CG 10-A. The products have already proven themselves for years as high-performance cooling lubricants for stainless steel and aluminium machining. They are compatible with all cathodic dip painting processes and can also be welded over without causing welding porosity or excessive, burnt-in residues. Customers particularly appreciate the high machine cleanliness during machining processes.

Bohrer mit MMKS Dosierung

Powerful cooling lubricants

The high-performance lubricants have a high cooling effect and convince through their very high lubricating effect with simultaneous wear protection. The formula does not contain chlorine, silicone, Teflon, solvents, mineral oil or aromatics. The environmentally friendly and workplace-friendly lubricants are also biocide-free. Therefore, the cooling lubricants do not have to be classified as hazardous substances. The cooling lubricants can be washed off with aqueous alkaline cleaners or solvents. The products are extremely skin-friendly and quickly biodegradable.

The cooling lubricants (KSS) from LBI oil free are used for aluminium machining and general aluminium forming work. They are therefore used in particular in shopfitting, aviation, the automotive industry and lightweight construction. Here, the aluminium machining of window profiles is a prominent product example. The cooling lubricants are applied by flooding or MQL.

More information about the different applications of our lubricants is available here.

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