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Around 78 percent of value is added by suppliers - and the trend is rising. So it is hardly surprising that this industry is also an important target group for LBI oil free. Sales of our oil-free lubricants have been growing constantly and rapidly for years. In addition to the quality criteria of our products, this is also due to the fact that suppliers today are exposed to extremely high pressure from various sides. The influencing factors range from tougher global competition, extremely high cost and price pressure from car manufacturers to the increase in raw material prices and availability.

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Suppliers under price pressure

The massive pressure on prices means that new or further developments in the companies are being scaled down and the pace of suppliers with regard to their innovations is constantly being reduced. Another challenge for this important industry is the change in the market due to the development of new powertrains. E-mobility and environmental technology are also having a stimulating effect on this industry.

With its portfolio of oil-free lubricants, LBI oil free answers the question of cost-effective production methods, as these solutions eliminate expensive washing and ensure rapid further processing of the workpieces. The need for environmentally friendly processes is also met, because the formulations for LBI oil free lubricants not only dispense with mineral oil, but also with silicone, chlorine and heavy metals.

High-tech forming lubricants reduce costs

Our environmentally friendly high-tech forming lubricants are particularly suitable for stamping and forming processes. The individually adaptable solutions guarantee an excellent lubricating effect with maximum heat dissipation at the same time through targeted raw material selection. The superior cooling effect of the new lubricants, coupled with the excellent lubrication and wear protection performance, enables high cycle rates in the areas of stamping and forming of high-alloy and standard materials as well as special materials with constant or even longer tool service lives. There is no need to worry about long production downtimes or expensive and time-consuming washing of the workpieces.

Suppliers live practical environmental protection

The machined articles can be further processed immediately. Even welding and painting are possible without restrictions. There is also no need to dispose of toxic waste water or invest in high-performance cleaning systems. The good news is that the biodegradable raw materials meet the latest guidelines with regard to environmental and employee protection. All in all, LBI oil free lubricants not only increase cycle rates but also reduce costs, which can be a real competitive advantage in view of market developments. By the way, it is also good for nature and keeps the employees healthy.

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