Dry lubricants for a cool result

Dry lubricants extremely minimise wear because they strongly cool both the tool and the product. This is reported by the customers of LBI oil free, which has made a successful market entry with its dry lubricant LUBform 1330-PW-dry. The water-based high-performance dry lubricant is so successful because its formulation prevents contact between the tool and the component. The components are dry after machining and can be processed immediately.

The product has the highest wear protection after drying, but it can also be used in liquid form. LBI oil free dry lubricant is used in the following applications

  • Tube bending
  • Deep drawing
  • Tube end expansions
  • Mandrel wear-protection
  • Chain lubrication

But also as assembly fluid, Bowden cable lubrication or release agent LUBform 1330-PW-dry convinces on a high level. Exhaust pipe forming is the most common application environment for the dry lubricant. However, the fluid is extremely versatile in its applicability: wherever metals are machined. LUBform 1330-PW-dry is applied by dipping the workpieces, using a brush, hand roller or the relevant LBI oil free spraying technique.

6kant-Schrauben Makroaufnahme

Dry lubricant from our own laboratory

The dry lubricant was developed in LBI oil free's own laboratory. The company's decades of experience in the field of oil-free lubricants have been incorporated into the formulation. Tests in the application environment of the companies allow individual adaptations of the formulation, so that the customer can rely on a result that is perfect for him. The company's know-how with regard to the ideal spraying technique is also an advantage, which makes the workflow very efficient.

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