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LBI oil free always develops and supplies the right lubricant for all tasks in the broad field of machining. Depending on the application, the formula is adapted to the individual requirements. Variable additives provide the properties required for machining. The choice of the right cooling lubricant depends on the cutting and drilling speed, the workpiece to be machined and the required cooling and lubricating effect.

Less tool wear

During the machining processes, the main thing is to keep the heat generation low, which can be as high as 1,200 °C. In this case, cooling lubrication is important in order to prevent the twist drill from annealing during drilling, for example. In this case, cooling lubrication is important, for example, to prevent annealing of the twist drill during drilling. The friction between the drill and the workpiece is reduced, which extends the service life of the tool and thus reduces costs. The pick-up and removal of chips is also facilitated with the appropriate lubricants. LBI oil free products eliminate the need for time-consuming washing after machining. The workpieces can be further processed immediately.

Total solutions for machining

Together with the dispensing technology of LBI oil free, the innovative lubricants form a field-proven overall solution that has already been established in numerous applications worldwide for decades. Test settings and trial lubrications give our customers the certainty that they are getting the optimum solution with our products. In our company's own laboratory, the lubricants are composed according to the actual requirements and adapted as needed.

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