Water-based lubricants reduce friction losses

Deep drawing, punching, profiling, in short all forming processes are wear-intensive for the tools. The dreaded friction loss can be significantly reduced with the water-based lubricants from LBI oil free. For this purpose, LBI oil free has the LUBform series in its portfolio. The latest development from the LUBform range is the LUBform 600 range for tube profiling. The water-based lubricants are free of chlorine, silicone, Teflon, solvents, oil and aromas.

Bogenförmige Metallstruktur

Water-based lubricants for better performance

The products minimise wear, among other things, by cooling both the tool and the component. This reduces the unit costs and increases the performance of the systems, because the downtimes are significantly minimised. Another advantage is that the components are usually dry after machining and can be processed immediately. Even over-welding is possible immediately and they are also compatible with cathaphoretic dip painting (KTL). Due to their low consumption and the regenerative use of raw materials, the innovative lubricants are extremely workplace and environmentally friendly. They do not require labelling as they are not hazardous goods.

Successfully in use for years

Water-based lubricants are not fundamentally new for LBI oil free. The water- and polymer-based LUBform series have already been used successfully for years and have proven themselves in all metalworking processes. They are most commonly used for machining processes in the automotive industry, aerospace, white goods and electrical contacts. For example LUBform B is widely used worldwide for deep drawing and stamping structural components of high-strength materials in the automotive sector. They are applied manually or automatically with the dispensing technology of LBI oil free.

More information about the different applications of our lubricants is available here.

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