Lubricants containing oil are often dangerous and also classified as hazardous substances. The formulations with their various mostly toxic raw materials pose dangers to humans and the environment due to contamination and their sometimes massively harmful effects on health. It is not for nothing that companies working with these agents must specifically appoint a person for hazard protection to ensure occupational safety.

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Irritated eyes and diseased respiratory tract

Classic health hazards are skin diseases and irritation of the eyes. If the vapours of lubricants containing oil are inhaled, irritations and diseases of the respiratory tract are to be feared. If employees absorb the individual components of classic lubricants through the air and skin, their internal organs can even become diseased. Kidneys and liver, for example, are attacked by diethylene glycol, nerves by the solvents used. When disposing of the contaminated waste water, which all has to be disposed of in the hazardous waste, there is a danger of coming into contact with this toxic broth, in which carcinogenic nitrosamines can form.

Work safety with oil-free lubricants

Companies that rely on LBI oil free lubricants for their metalworking operations place great emphasis on workplace safety for their employees and can significantly reduce or eliminate these scary scenarios. This is because all products are developed and manufactured on the basis of environmentally and workplace-friendly raw materials. They are generally non-hazardous and even biodegradable. The products stand not only for sustainability but also for efficiency and can also be used for modern high-performance tools. The workpieces do not have to be washed at great expense, but can be processed immediately. Even welding and painting is possible immediately.

Healthy employees and reduced costs

All lubricants in the LBI oil free portfolio are low-foaming, free of chlorine, oil, silicone and heavy metals and do not contain any volatile organic compounds (VOC). All in all, they are therefore particularly skin-friendly and machine operators are no longer exposed to hazardous vapours. There is also no need for costly disposal of waste water, as this does not constitute hazardous waste but can be discharged into the sewage system, depending on local regulations. LBI dispensing systems are easy to handle, process-safe, economical and intuitive to operate. This means that employees enjoy a high level of occupational safety, which in sum even saves companies a lot of time and money.

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