The challenges of using
punching oil as a lubricant
in metalworking

The use of traditional punching oil as a lubricant for metalworking processes presents a number of challenges that need to be considered. Compared to the oil-free lubricants from LBI oil free, the following disadvantages can occur:
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Environmental impact

Conventional punching oil is often based on mineral oil, which is very difficult to break down in the environment. These oils can end up in the soil and water, which can lead to considerable environmental pollution. This can cause both ecological damage and human health risks.

Health risks

The vapours produced when using conventional solvent-based punching oil can be harmful to health. Contact with these vapours can lead to respiratory irritation, headaches and other health problems. Direct skin contact with punching oil can also cause skin irritation and allergic reactions.

Safety aspects in the workplace

The use of solvent-based punching oils, for example, which require labelling, can lead to an increased occupational risk. In addition, solvent-based punching oils require an explosion protection assessment. This also increases the system-related costs.

Cost considerations

Although the acquisition costs for punching oil may be low, the total costs can increase considerably due to subsequent parts cleaning and possible health expenses (installation of extraction systems). The supposed cost benefits can therefore quickly prove to be deceptive.

Tool wear

Punching oil should evaporate as quickly as possible or leave little residue so that the punched parts can be processed quickly, this can lead to increased wear on tools and workpieces. This additional wear can lead to premature wear of equipment and increased maintenance costs.

Limited versatility

Depending on the punching oil, this may not be suitable for all punching processes, as a wide variety of parts have to be punched with just one and the same oil. This can be insufficient in such cases and lead to quality problems.

These challenges illustrate the clear advantages of LBI oil free lubricants. They not only offer improved environmental compatibility and occupational safety, but also higher performance and longer tool life.
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