Internal mandrel lubrication on a new level:
Drip-free and environmentally friendly

Clean, drip-free internal mandrel lubrication is guaranteed by the environmentally friendly products from LBI oil free.

Wherever tubes have to be bent absolutely crease-free in the tightest radii, tube bending tools are the first choice. The selection of sectional mandrels, the tools for tube bending, is large. Some link mandrels allow internal mandrel lubrication, some are even designed for minimum quantity lubrication. The dispensing technology and the oil-free lubricants from LBI oil free as well as the mandrels make a successful bundle, which has set a convincing course for success in mechanical engineering and forming technology. A special focus here is on internal mandrel lubrication. The result is impressive: The tubes do not crack, are bent perfectly and can be processed immediately. Thanks to the intelligent formula, the tubes do not have to be washed before further processing.

Environmentally friendly internal mandrel lubrication

The consistency of the lubricants makes tube bending a clean affair, because nothing drips anymore and the consumption of lubricants is drastically reduced. This reduces costs, waste disposal and, last but not least, is good for the environment and employees. The lubricants are made from renewable raw materials, are skin-friendly and biodegradable.

In tube bending, the lubricant is minimally applied through the mandrel. If internal mandrel lubrication is not possible, the lubricant is transported by using a spray lance that lubricates the tube before it is inserted into the bending machine.

A coaxial system is used for all media so that air and medium only come into contact with each other at the spray point.

Depending on the diameter of the mandrel bar, the outer tube of the coaxial hose can also be dispensed with, as in this case the hole in the mandrel bar acts as an "air hose". A mini spray nozzle is placed at the end of the mandrel bar in such a way that the atomised medium is distributed evenly (360 degrees) inside the tube via the lubrication holes in the mandrel. The applied quantity is individually adjusted via a dispensing valve, the tank pressure and the opening time by means of a solenoid valve.

All parameters of the system can also be set during operation, which is an important criterion especially for automated production cells and Industry 2.0. A nozzle for crease smoothing lubrication can also be connected and individually adjusted. We have suitable adapters available for mandrel bar connections. The system is also suitable for the use of high-viscosity lubricants such as LUBbend GF and IRMCO® GEL 980 020. Another advantage: The LBI oil free dosing system can be integrated into the existing machine control system. Different control voltages are possible here. The system is compatible with almost all bending machines. Even customised systems can be configured.

Cleanliness at high cycle rates

This machining process keeps the production environment clean and the system does not have to be cleaned at great expense. Ultimately, this also increases the production cycle time. The products for internal mandrel lubrication can be used in the automotive industry, in aircraft technology, in the chemical industry, in heating construction, air conditioning as well as in the food, toy and furniture industries. Whether plant engineers, bending machine manufacturers or forming technicians - they all benefit from the advantages of LBI oil free products for internal mandrel lubrication.

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