Dispensing systems with
Efficiency and precision

Our dispensing systems offer optimum oil-free lubrication because they use the latest dispensing technology. Our devices and systems are specially made for thin to highly viscous media. The LBI oil free portfolio ranges from ready-made models to modified basic models and individual special solutions.

LBI BETTI Dosiersystem Vollansicht

Advantages of our dispensing systems:

  • Manual or automatic operation
    Our dispensing systems can be operated manually or automatically and ensure not only the highest process reliability, but also efficient use of operating fluids. With our dispensing systems, tubes or blanks can be lubricated quickly and easily. Our dispensing systems are also increasingly in demand in metal cutting and forming. LBI oil free dispensing technology is used for forming, deep drawing and tube bending, for coil and blank lubrication and internal tube lubrication.
  • Efficient dispensing systems
    All models ensure minimum quantity lubrication at the highest level. The spray pattern is reliably uniform. As a result, the workpieces are clean and dry after machining. Their surface quality is high. The economical consumption, which significantly reduces the disposal costs of the lubricants, also makes our dispensing systems extremely efficient. The quantities can be dosed easily and precisely even during operation and are also reproducible for further machining operations. Our dispensing systems are compatible with almost all machines. Manual or automatic dispensing is available.
  • Various nozzles
    In addition to the standard nozzles for cutting machines, mini nozzles (up to ø6) are also available for special requirements. With these, internal tool lubrication is also possible with our LB-002 dispensing valves.

Our models at a glance:

LBI HSE-2-P Dispensing system

  • Mobile and flexible to use
  • 360° lubrication
  • Optionally with quick coupling for fast change of the spray lance
  • Spray lances available from 100 - 2000mm length
  • Can also be used for manual surface lubrication

LBI DS-6 Dispensing System

  • Integration in machine control
  • Internal mandrel lubrication and optional wiper-die lubrication
  • Lubricant and air line as coaxial hose in the mandrel bar
  • Spraying through lubrication holes in the mandrel
  • LB-002 Dispensing valves

LBI BETTI Dispensing System

  • Pneumatic system for blank lubrication
  • Reproducible spray pattern
  • Lubricates various sizes/shapes from above and below
  • Purely pneumatically operated

LBI MDE-A Dispensing System

  • Simple dispensing system for small machines
  • Can be integrated into machine control
  • For drilling, turning and milling machines, as well as band and circular saws
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