Lubricants without oil

Oil-free lubricants are the passion of LBI oil free. For decades, we have been conquering the metalworking industry with our environmentally friendly products. We are particularly appreciated for our wide-ranging portfolio of very different lubricants. Water-based, water-free or dry lubricants are available from us, as are special forming or cooling lubricants. Thanks to our in-house laboratory, we are quickly able to adapt the formulations individually to the actual requirements. Our customers benefit not only from our know-how, but also from our experience.

Goldene Zahnräder

Lubricants from LBI with individual formulation

LBI oil free lubricants have made a name for themselves because their formulation not only significantly reduces tool wear. The rapid further processing of the workpieces is also a positive factor, as they do not have to be washed after machining. The formulations are particularly skin-friendly because they are free of chlorine, silicone, Teflon, solvents, oil and aromatics and are very compatible with KTL processes. This also eliminates the need for classification as a hazardous substance. Customers particularly like the fact that LBI oil free lubricants are biodegradable and thus indirectly make a valuable contribution to environmental protection. They also do this because their consumption is extremely low.

Suitable dispensing technology

The minimal use of lubricants is also ensured by the synergies with the dispensing technology from LBI oilfree. We have the right system for every application in our range and can also adapt these to individual customer requirements. Both the systems and the lubricants can be tested in trial runs.

More information

Our lubricants at a glance

  • Lubricating oil replacement
  • Forming lubricants
  • Bio-lubricants
  • Printable lubricants
  • Dry lubricants
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