The oil-free high-tech lubricants from LBI oil free usually have an individual formula. They all have one thing in common: they make time-consuming cleaning of workpieces and machines unnecessary. For metalworking companies, this has the advantage that the simplified processes not only save time, but also money. Employees are less stressed because the products are more skin-friendly and environmentally friendly than lubricants with mineral oil.

Erlenmeyer Kolben mit blauer Flüssigkeit

Future-oriented alternative

Regenerative and synthetic polymers are the basis of the biodegradable lubricants, which do not require chlorine, silicone or heavy metals. This makes them a forward-looking alternative to conventional forming lubricants or forming oil. The products provide particularly good protection against corrosion and comply with the EU REACH directives.
Lubricants from LBI oil free are used in forming processes such as deep drawing, punching and fine blanking, pipe bending, pipe end forming and machining processes. Depending on the application, the lubricants are adapted to the customer's individual requirements by means of additives. Tests and trial runs give our customers the certainty that the lubricants are perfectly matched to their application. All products are characterised by environmentally and workplace-friendly raw materials that are even biodegradable. In addition to the aspects of sustainability, our products are also decidedly economical.

The lubricants from LBI oil free

  • LUB®form
    This high-tech forming lubricant is used especially in stamping and forming processes.

  • LUB®cut
    This new type of cooling lubricant for machining reduces the friction of the materials with maximum heat dissipation at the same, without the usage of mineral oil.

  • LUB®bend
    This bending lubricant ensures consistent sheet quality and longer tool life in the area of bending unalloyed, alloyed and high-alloyed materials, as well as special materials.

  • LUB®cut: MMKS Fluids
    The novel LUB®cut series of fluids for minimum quantity cooling lubrication (MMKS) from LBI reduces consumption, friction and maximises heat dissipation.

  • LUB®sol
    LUB®sol belongs to the group of evaporating lubricants that can be used in all applications.

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