Forming with efficiency
instead of fretting

Process reliability plays a major role in forming. Our oil-free lubricants contribute significantly to the success of a forming process. Environmentally friendly, our solutions relax the contact zone between tool and workpiece. This reduces tool wear and contributes to optimum production results. LBI's oil-free lubricants reliably prevent the dreaded seizure caused by cold welding between the workpiece and the tool.


Forming with different lubricants

Depending on the type of forming, surface treatment and forming temperature, very different lubricants are used. The LBI oil free team is familiar with the challenges of the entire process chain and brings a great deal of know-how and decades of experience to the formulation of the lubricants, which are usually individually composed. Not only are the requirements of the individual processes taken into account, but also those of the materials used.

Dispensing technology and test equipment

LBI oil free solutions not only include the optimal lubricants, but also the appropriate dispensing technology, which can be tested in trial settings. Our customers will be able to see for themselves that our solutions confidently meet the increasing cost pressure and ever stricter environmental regulations, because we take the high level of responsibility - also with regard to the health of your employees - very seriously. Expensive cleaning is a thing of the past with our lubricants, because the workpieces can be processed immediately. Their consistently high surface quality ensures a great deal of process reliability, even with demanding metal alloys.

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