Water-free lubricants protect against corrosion and are
particularly environmentally friendly

The new water-free lubricants are particularly in demand among LBI oil free customers because they protect tools and machines especially well against wear and corrosion. Above all, companies from the supplier and automotive industries benefit from the new solutions, because the LUBform EP product range is particularly suitable for forming, deep-drawing and stamping of all materials. LUBbend P-G is the newcomer that is already actively in use in series tests for forming and tube bending processes.


LUB®bend P-G is drip-free

In addition to the extremely high tool wear protection, the new chlorine-, silicone-, solvent- and mineral oil-free lubricant LUBbend P-G offers a lot of cleanliness during tube bending, because it does not drip. If something still goes wrong, the water-free lubricant from LBI oil free can simply be washed off with an alkaline cleaner or a cleaner for solvents.

Enormous corrosion protection

The new product ranges are very skin-friendly and biodegradable. They also do not require labelling as they are not hazardous substances (water hazard class WGK 1). Both LUBform EP and LUBbend P-G surprise with a higher lubricating performance compared to conventional water-based products. The lubricating effect over several tool-levels or the component length is also longer than with water-based lubricants. The enormous corrosion protection provided by the new products is particularly appreciated. The lubricants are applied by hand (roller, brush) or by a felt-roller or spray technique. The matching dispensing technology is also available from LBI oil free.

The advantages of water-free lubricants at a glance:

  • Sustainable
  • Extremely high forming power
  • Long shelf life
  • Skin-friendly
  • Biodegradable
  • Bactericide-free
  • Enormous corrosion protection
  • LUBsol belongs to the group of evaporating lubricants that can be used in all applications.

More information about the different applications of our lubricants is available here.

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