Homogeneous and drip-free
lubrication of coils and blanks
with automated feeding

Homogeneous and drip-free lubrication of coils and blanks with automated feeding

Our coil- and blank lubrication systems are a customised solution for all processes that require precise dispensing. By using LB-002-HD/IS dispensing valves, the problem of dripping is completely eliminated. The result is a homogeneous spray pattern without unwanted deposits.

With this highly customisable solution, you can set user-defined process parameters to increase the efficiency of your production. The system is individually configured to suit your process.

The intuitive control of the system enables uncomplicated handling so that you can achieve high-quality results quickly and easily. Integration into the existing machine control system is just as possible as manual control of the parameters.

Simple systems lead to less downtime

When developing dispensing systems, we focus on making the systems as simple as possible without compromising on quality.

The more complicated a control or dispensing system is, the more frequent and lengthy downtimes for maintenance or repair work will be. Our systems are designed in such a way that components can be easily replaced so that the system is quickly ready for use again if necessary.

Wherever possible, our control system is configured with standard pneumatic components so that the customer can easily replace components.

Nevertheless, our dispensing systems produce a homogeneous and reproducible spray pattern without drips across the entire width, thus ensuring low-friction processes.

Stainless steel pressure tank instead of pump

Our dispensing systems are equipped with a 20 litre pressure tank with float switch as standard. In contrast to a pump, no moving components are used here, which also minimises maintenance work.

Process reliability is ensured by integrating the float switch into the machine control system so that employees are informed in good time as soon as the lubricant needs to be topped up.

If required by the customer, supply from an IBC container or drum is also possible.


Basic setup of the systems

Our dispensing systems consist of the following components as standard:

  • Stainless steel pressure tank with float switch and filter
  • Control unit for integration into machine control via solenoid valves and proportional valves
  • Stainless steel spray chamber with LB-002 dispensing valves

Depending on customer requirements, the individual dispensing valves are controlled in groups or completely individually so that only the required area is lubricated. In addition, the dispensing volume for each individual dispensing valve can be set manually directly on the valve.

Raising or lowering the tank pressure via the control unit causes an increase or decrease in the amount of lubricant applied. This means that the quantity applied can also be adjusted externally during operation.

Our dispensing systems can be operated with very little mist thanks to precise spray pressure adjustment. Nevertheless, our spray chambers are also available with a prepared connection for an extraction system.

LBI Dosiersystem Innenansicht

Example of customisation options

  • Needed spray width
  • Spray group configuration and spray width per valve
  • Control via proportional valves or manual pressure regulators
  • Preparation for extraction or including 3nine oil mist separator
  • Language of the labelling on the control unit
  • Customised opening geometry on the spray chamber
  • Mounting points of the spray chamber
  • Position of the drain plug on the spray chamber
  • Spray chamber design with lid or side pull-out
  • 1- or 2-point float switch
  • Version with pump instead of pressurised tank for delivery from IBC or drum
  • Version with pneumatic liquid pressure reducer for quick adjustment of the medium pressure
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