Deep drawing at a high level
and with low costs

Lubrication is crucial for the success of deep drawing sheet metal because it prevents elongation at break and cracking of the workpieces. In deep drawing, sheet metal is formed into a hollow body by pressure. Usually, unalloyed ultra-fine sheets with a high elongation at break are used for this purpose. Lubricants are used in deep drawing to prevent these thin sheets from cracking and to keep the reject rate as low as possible. These are necessary for almost all applications - because lubrication reduces the heat generated by friction and thus the cracking of the workpiece.

Time factor in deep drawing

When it comes to the time factor in deep drawing, speed is of the essence. With a high drawing speed, more lubricant is therefore needed. Irregular drawing shapes also need more of it than plain shapes. In order to use the perfect lubricant for every production process, LBI oil free products are usually individually adapted to the actual requirements. The recipe is put together in our company's own laboratory and subjected to a practical test in a trial run.

Maximum process reliability

The development work makes it possible to always offer the right solutions for the increasingly demanding metal alloys and the increasing requirements with regard to surface quality and residual dirt on the workpieces.

As a result, we guarantee maximum process reliability and efficiency for deep drawing. Our customers can count on maximum process reliability and efficiency because the perfect lubricant is formulated for their production. Because in addition to the knowledge of the production processes and their requirements, a lot of experience also flows into the oil-free lubricants from LBI oil free.

Reduce costs and protect the environment

These thus meet the increasing cost pressure and stricter environmental regulations, as they are partially biodegradable. Washing the components before further processing (e.g. welding, soldering, gluing or painting) is thus unnecessary, which drastically reduces water consumption. Since the lubricants do not have to be disposed of at high costs, these fees are also eliminated. In addition, the employees appreciate the oil-free lubricants because they are particularly skin-friendly.

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