In metal processing, punching is mostly used to produce flat parts. This is done by striking a cutting tool with the head of a hammer to separate the shape from the sheet metal. The contour of the shape to be punched out is notched from above and below by the cutting edges of the base and the punch and finally sheared off. In high-performance stamping, processes such as welding, flanging, riveting and forming are integrated through the integration of progressive dies. Since these tools are usually very complex and therefore expensive, it is important to protect them effectively against wear. This is done by using lubricants that counteract the heat generated during stamping as well as abrasion.


LBI oil free has different lubricants in its portfolio for stamping sheet metal and other metals. All of them are oil-free and therefore particularly environmentally friendly. One new product in the range is the water-based IRMCO® FLUID 980 113-C, which dries particularly quickly. It was specially developed for punching rotor laminations and thus makes an important contribution to e-mobility. Thanks to its particularly favourable price, the IRMCO product also defuses the cost explosion on the market.

Own products for punching

But our own non-labelled product development, LUB®cut EP 22-SP, a water-free lubricant, is also suitable for punching. It is particularly recommended for wear-intensive processes. LUB®sol BL 7-SP, which is produced on the basis of a bio-solvent and evaporates after the stamping process, has already proven itself. Which lubricant is the most suitable depends on the process chain and the tool. Here, LBI offers oil free test positions and, thanks to the company's own laboratory, can adapt the recipe of the lubricants to the individual customer's needs. Companies from the automotive industry, but also manufacturers of "white goods", as well as from the furniture and fashion industry, benefit from the lubricants that are recommended for stamping. Fittings are a typical product from this industry.

Contemporary composition

All three lubricants can do without chlorine, silicone and mineral oil due to their contemporary composition. IRMCO FLUID 980 113-C and LUB®cut EP 22-SP also manage without solvents. Thanks to the low viscosity, consumption is very low. The consistency also makes it possible to to print those lubricants. The products are all particularly skin-friendly and biodegradable, which significantly improves working conditions. They are not a hazardous substance (WGK1).

The oil-free formula saves costs and effort, as the tools and also the punched parts do not have to be washed at great expense. The disposal of the punching slugs is also simplified because they do not have to be disposed of in hazardous waste. The high lubrication performance is maintained during punching even if the components are very long or several tool stages are included in the machining process. The lubricants are applied by means of a manual application, such as a roller lubricator, a hand roller or a brush. They are also applied by spraying or MMKS. LBI oil free has the appropriate spraying technique for every application.

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