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damit beim Maschinenbau alles reibungslos läuft

Mechanical engineering is inconceivable without metal processing. Most components have to be turned, milled, shaped or cut. From the manufacture of individual machine elements to entire production lines, lubricants are an essential element for most processing steps to ensure that everything runs smoothly. Companies from the mechanical engineering sector are therefore also an important target group for us. Our customers appreciate our oil-free lubricants, which in total are economical, environmentally friendly and reliably accompany the processes in mechanical engineering.

The high-performance, biodegradable high-tech lubricants eliminate the need for time-consuming cleaning of workpieces and machines. This protects the environment, the health of employees and also saves money. Because there is no need for production stoppages and the expensive disposal of contaminated waste water. In addition, our products offer very good corrosion protection and comply with the EU REACH guidelines.

Windkraftanlage mit Mond im Hintergrund

Regenerative polymers

The metalworking lubricants are based on regenerative and synthetic polymers that are biodegradable because the formulations do not contain chlorine, silicone or heavy metals. This makes them a forward-looking alternative to conventional forming lubricants or forming oil. All lubricants can be adapted to the individual needs of our customers. Depending on the application, different additives are added to the lubricant formulation to achieve the properties that the customer requires. This is ensured by our in-house laboratory, where these individual formulations are developed and tested.

Depending on the application, different additives are added to the lubricant formulation to achieve the properties that the customer requires. Together with the dosing technology of LBI oil free, the innovative lubricants form a field-proven overall solution with which the company has established itself worldwide as a sought-after solution provider in mechanical engineering for decades.

Dispensing systems for machine building

The dispensing systems are easy to handle, intuitive to operate, process-safe and economical, because the lubricant consumption is extremely low compared to other solutions. The dispensing systems are used for internal tube lubrication, surface wetting or minimum quantity cooling lubrication (MMKS). The quantities can be dosed easily and precisely even during operation. All settings are reproducible. The workpieces are clean and dry after machining and can be processed immediately. Even painting, soldering and welding are possible.

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