No effects of corona (CoV-19) on our production

Currently, the spread of the corona virus has no effect on our production and the delivery of our products to our customers. Should anything change in this regard, we would inform you immediately. We are always at your disposal for further questions.

Die Tube 2020 wurde wegen des Ausbruch des Corona Virus‘ verschoben. Der neue offizielle Termin ist vom 07.12.2020 – 11.12.2020. Kommen Sie uns an unserem Stand C33 in Halle 5 besuchen. Wir freuen uns auf Ihren Besuch.
At the request of a customer, we have developed a new version of our proven BETTI sheet lubrication system, focusing on the components to be lubricated. The smallest components have a diameter of 70mm and have to be lubricated on both sides, with the contact to the roller conveyor being as small as possible so that the lubricant does not come off. The result is a dispensing system ...

Optimize processes | Eliminate washing processes | Reduce costs | Protect the environment


Oil-free lubricants adapted to your process | Efficient dispensing equipment | Personal support


Nearly all forming processes are doably by oil-free lubricants nowadays


We customize the lubricant to your special needs

Environmental friendly

Our lubricants are environmental- und work-friendly

Advantages of oil-free lubricants from LBI in your process


LBI lubricant

25-75% less consumption


Contamination of workpiece and machine


LBI lubricant

No cleaning needed


Special protective equipment and aggressive cleaning agents


LBI lubricant

No voids and no smoke, no oil residues


Voids and smoke from oil residues


LBI lubricant

No cratering




LBI lubricant

Kein Sondermüll, 75% weniger Abfall


Special waste, separate storage

Work safety

LBI lubricant

label-free, skin-friendly


hazardous labelled, skin-irritating

Our services

Wir verstehen uns nicht nur als Hersteller von Schmierstoffen und Dispensing equipment, sondern als Partner unserer Kunden zur Optimierung der vorhandenen Prozesse.

Through many years of experience, we know what matters when selecting the components. Together with our customers, we want to find the best solution for the existing processes.

In order to give you the opportunity to start a trial with us without much effort, we do not charge any costs for the first attempt. For this trial we bring along our own dispensing technology, which on request can also be provided as loan system for a longer test.

Eliminate washing processes

Eliminate washing processes

We help you to eliminate washing in your process by selecting the right lubricants.

Reduce consumption of lubricant

Reduce consumption of lubricant

We help you to significantly reduce your consumption of lubricants by optimally adapting the dispensing technology. Either with your existing technology or our own.

First trial without costs for you

First trial without costs for you

We do not charge any costs for our first trial with our lubricants. If necessary, we also bring along a mobile dispensing system for the trial.

Rental-Dispensing equipment

Rental-Dispensing equipment

In order to make it easier for you to decide on our dispensing technology, we will provide you with a test system cost-effectively if required.


Development and analysis

With our own laboratory we are able to analyze and develop lubricants.

On-site consultation

On-site consultation

Um einen Prozess und dessen Potential vollständig zu verstehen ist die beste Möglichkeit sich den Prozess bei Ihnen anzuschauen. Deshalb versuchen wir, wenn möglich, immer ein Treffen persönlich vor Ort zu vereinbaren.
Our values

New solutions for metal forming

More than ever before, the use of lubricants has to be considered under the holistic aspect, because only in this way can we make a contribution to supporting the three main pillars of your production: Significantly lower your process costs; To innovate products; Produce products ecologically.

Therefore stands LBI.

Developing solutions together

Together with our customers, we work out solutions to optimize existing processes. Due to our company size, we have the opportunity to respond to individual requests and to work out the optimal solution. We can tailor both our lubricants and our dispensing equipment to the respective application so as not to waste resources.

Develop and produce sustainably.

Responsibility for people and the environment is THE most important part of our corporate culture. This thinking and acting is reflected equally in the development and production of our products, as well as in cooperation with our customers, employees and suppliers.

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