Tube forming with High-Tech
lubricants from LBI oil free

Precision and accuracy in tube forming require a lot of know-how for the use of suitable lubricants. This is because the various cold and hot forming processes each present special challenges. LBI oil free not only offers various products for tube forming, but also the possibility of adapting formulations to the actual customer requirements. Test settings and trial lubrications give our customers the good feeling that they are not taking an incalculable risk when using lubricants from LBI oil free.

Well lubricated to the spiral

Whether tube forming involves bending, expanding or upsetting, small bending radii or complicated bending shapes up to spirals are on the agenda - the experienced competence team from LBI oil free always delivers the right solution. The lubricants are optimally matched to the tools - regardless of whether the tube geometry has to be supported from the inside or upsetting tools are in use.

Dispensing technology for tube forming

At the same time, customers do not have to do without innovative dispensing technology. LBI oil free has various dispensing systems and equipment in its portfolio for different applications to match the company's own lubricants.

Lubricant and dispensing technology are optimally matched to each other and, depending on the area of application, offer pinpoint lubrication or area-wide lubrication. The systems impress with their uncomplicated operation and economical consumption.

Different products in the portfolio

The lubricants LUBform, LUBbend and LUBsol BL have proven themselves in tube forming. LUBform and LUBbend are characterised by their excellent lubricating effect and at the same time offer maximum heat dissipation. LUBsol is in demand when our customers need dry and residue-free workpieces. Thanks to biodegradable raw materials, LUBsol BL is particularly sustainable.

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