The LUBcut product range stands for a somewhat different
cooling lubricant

With the LUBcut product range, LBI oil free offers a cooling lubricant with a difference. The superior cooling effect combined with excellent lubrication and flushing performance, even with high-alloy materials and special materials, means that higher cutting speeds and longer tool life can be achieved. The residue behaviour of our products allows the workpiece to be welded or painted (KTL) without prior washing. If even higher levels of cleanliness are required, cleaning with water or a mild alkaline cleaner is sufficient.

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LUBcut offers excellent wear protection

In addition to the challenges posed by high-performance tools and modern machining methods, the choice of lubricant is one of the fundamental pillars of the process. This is why LBI oil free emphasises excellent wear protection, an optimum cooling effect and extremely economical lubricant consumption in its formulation. The LUBcut product range also scores highly in terms of corrosion protection and is extremely low-foaming. The contemporary, modern cooling lubricants guarantee reduced friction while maximising heat dissipation, all without the use of mineral oil. This is not the only reason why the LUBcut product range stands for sustainability.

The lubrication performance of all products in the LUBbend range is above average and also offers optimum wear protection. Even with high-alloy materials, our customers achieve consistent sheet quality and longer tool life. All products are also characterised by an optimum cooling effect and reduced lubricant consumption. Our lubricants also guarantee optimum corrosion protection. Overall, these lubricants make bending processes particularly efficient.

Environmentally and workplace friendly

Our products are developed on the basis of environmentally and workplace-friendly raw materials and are manufactured in Germany. The biocide-free products are manufactured on the basis of renewable raw materials and are free from chlorine, Teflon, silicone and heavy metals. Nevertheless, their efficiency is outstanding and their quality recommends their use even for modern high-performance tools.

Our product selection of the LUBcut product range:

  • LUBcut G-series
    High-performance cooling lubricants for grinding
  • LUBcut CG-series
    High-performance cooling lubricants for grinding and cutting
  • LUBcut E-series
    High-performance ester-based cooling lubricants for grinding and cutting.
  • LUBcut MMKS-series
    High-performance cooling lubricants specially designed for MQL systems

They are applied using LBI oilfree's innovative dispensing and spraying technology. Test set-ups in the production environment facilitate the integration of the new lubricants into the manufacturing processes. If lubricants need to be adapted to the given production conditions, LBI oil free's in-house laboratory supports the development and production of customised and optimised formulations. Do you have any questions about our LUBcut product range? Then we look forward to get in touch with you.

More informations about the different applications of our lubricants are available here.

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