Schmieröle in der
Metallverarbeitung ersetzen

Die Verwendung von traditionellen mineralölhaltigen Schmierstoffen in der Metallverarbeitung bringt eine ganze Reihe an Nachteilen mit sich.

In almost all processes, oil-free lubricants from LBI oil free offer a simple way to improve the efficiency of processes. By using special additives and optimising for minimum quantity lubrication, tool service life can be increased while reducing consumption at the same time. These oil-free lubricants also have significant advantages in downstream processes compared to traditional bending oils, drawing oils or punching oils: in most cases, complex washing processes can be dispensed with as the minimal residues can be easily welded over.

In addition, the expensive disposal of oily waste is no longer necessary.

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Reduction of the CO2 footprint

These advantages ensure a significant improvement in the CO2 balance of the processes, both through direct and indirect savings:

Less lubricant needed

Reducing the amount of lubricant required while maintaining at least the same tool life leads to CO2 savings through a reduction in freight transport. Fuel or electricity can be saved both in the factory and on the road.

Higher forming performance thanks to special additives

Special additives and oil-free carrier materials ensure maximum forming performance and therefore low forming forces. The reduction in the required forming forces is reflected in reduced power consumption, which benefits both the CO2 balance and the direct process costs.

Disposal of oily waste

Mit Öl in Kontakt getretene Betriebsmittel müssen aufwendig entsorgt oder gereinigt werden. Cleaning equipment containing oil is many times more time-consuming and requires more energy than cleaning equipment that has come into contact with oil-free lubricants from LBI oil free.

Cleaning processes can be eliminated

In many cases, there is no need to clean the components between process steps. In addition to the direct reduction in costs due to the elimination of the washing system, resource consumption is also reduced: Electricity consumption is reduced and there is no need to dispose of or treat the wash water .There is also no need to transport and handle the chemicals required for cleaning.

Switching to oil-free lubricants also offers significant advantages in cases where it is essential to clean the components, as the washing temperature required is very low and very little cleaning agent is needed.

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