Innovative development

Our in-house laboratory ensures that our customers can keep up with the numerous technical and regulatory requirements of the market. Because in our laboratory, we adapt the lubricants to individual needs and continuously develop our oil-free products. REACH legislation and new biocide directives are constantly creating new challenges and require a great deal of flexibility and inventiveness on the part of companies as well as in our laboratory. We prove both with a broad portfolio of biodegradable and oil-free high-performance lubricants. In other words, it is impossible to imagine our agenda without increased product specialisation and individualisation. In order to keep up with the issues of the day, LBI oil free has consistently invested in laboratory equipment and can therefore react quickly and flexibly to market changes and customer requirements.

Availability and sustainability

In addition to technical requirements, a particular challenge at present is to ensure the availability and sustainability of raw materials. This means that we have to constantly adapt our formulations to market conditions. We manage to do this without any loss of quality or performance thanks to the development work in our laboratory at a high level. The required ecological and CO2 balances also provide impulses for our research work. Forward-looking industries, such as electromobility, are also calling for new innovative lubricants. The development and production of new oil-free lubricants for metalworking in the areas of lightweight construction, fuel savings and for electric motors or the electrification of drive trains are now part of our everyday life.

Laboratory relies on biogenic raw materials

Of course, this also includes taking into account all aspects of the demanding topic of sustainability. The use of biogenic raw materials - preferably from Europe - as a renewable, environmentally friendly alternative to fossil raw materials is the focus of our raw material selection. They have a positive effect on the carbon footprint of our customers and also provide a new source of income for domestic agriculture. With our LBI sustainability strategy, we also develop ecological standards and key figures for a reasonable comparability of our lubricants. The resulting environmentally and health-friendly special lubricants for the metal industry deliver the required high-tech performance without restrictions and in many cases even surpass that of conventional lubricants.

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