Evaporating lubricants that could hardly be more sustainable

LBI oil free meets the customer's demand for evaporating lubricants with its LUBsol product range. Two products have been developed for this range in the company's own laboratory: LUBsol GP has been used for many years in numerous metalworking applications. The latest product is LUBsol BL. The product range is basically based on regenerative bio-solvents. Both evaporating lubricants reduce tool wear and allow maximum lubrication with minimum consumption. Therefore, the LUBsol products reduce the unit costs considerably. The production processes are also accelerated because the fluids lubricate super fast and the components are dry after machining and evaporation of the lubricant. This means they can be processed further quickly.

Lochblech Makroaufnahme

Evaporating lubricants with neutral odour

Their neutral odour is an advantage for the working environment, as they are free of chlorine, silicone, Teflon, mineral oil and aromatics. Evaporating lubricants also meet the call for environmentally friendly production processes, as they are based on regenerative raw materials and are rapidly biodegradable. Therefore, they are not hazardous materials and guarantee a pleasant working environment.

Contact plugs and cushion applications

The evaporating lubricants are used in all metalworking processes. They are particularly suitable for deep drawing, stamping, forming, profiling and tube bending of all materials. Contact plugs, electric motor laminations, battery & accumulator components, fittings and fashion and upholstery applications are workpieces where these lubricants are used. The fluids are applied using LBI oil free spray technology, roller greasing, a hand roller, REA printing technology or a brush.

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