Test oportunities enables the practical test for an optimum result

LBI has different lubricants in its portfolio. Each product offers a wide range of uses for numerous applications in the field of metal processing. The special thing about the product variety of LBI oil free: The environmentally friendly lubricants can be individually adapted to the customer's needs. Research, development and testing are carried out in the company's own laboratory, but also many a customer request is fulfilled. In addition to the actual machining processes, REACH legislation and new biocide directives are constantly creating new challenges. It is an advantage when new solutions can be found for the customer with a test position, a lot of flexibility and inventiveness.

Tafel mit Kreideschrift "TEST"

Find the optimal formulation

Test and trial runs verify the optimal formulation of the active ingredients in practice. It is then ideal when the biodegradable oil-free lubricants are used with the solution-oriented dispensing technology from LBI oil free. The manually and automatically operated systems are intended for processes in which thin to highly viscous media are used. In test positions, companies can convince themselves not only of their process reliability but also of the efficient use of operating fluids.

Testing ensures optimum result

With the dispensing technology, tubes or blanks can be lubricated quickly and easily. The spray pattern is reliably uniform and reproducible. The minimum quantity lubrication results in clean and dry workpieces and a high surface quality after machining. LBI's dispensing technology is used for forming, deep drawing and tube bending, coil and blank lubrication and internal tube lubrication. In these environments, a test setting is not uncommon and in the end offers an optimal interaction of lubricant and dispensing technology.

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