LUBform for efficient and
environmentally friendly
punching and forming

The LUBform product range stands for high-tech forming lubricants that are suitable for all stamping and forming processes. LBI oil free guarantees an excellent lubricating effect with maximum heat dissipation thanks to its targeted selection of raw materials. The formulations are based on environmentally and workplace-friendly raw materials that are developed in the company's own laboratory.

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The LUBform product range at a glance:

  • LUBform 400-series
    High-performance water-based - For deep-drawing, bending and punching processes at the highest level
  • LUBform 800-series
    High-performance lubricant for medium to heavy forming processes
  • LUBform EP-series
    Water-free high-performance ester-based lubricant for medium to heavy-duty forming processes
  • LUBform Dry-series
    Water-based high-tech dry lubricant based on wax polymers for the highest demands

All lubricants are free of chlorine, oil, silicone and heavy metals and do not have to be declared as hazardous substances. The biodegradable LUBform product range is characterised by its above-average lubricating performance and cooling effect. It also scores with optimum wear protection and ensures longer tool life even with high-alloy materials and high cycle rates.

Spray- and dispensing equipment from LBI oil free

The residue behaviour of the products allows the workpiece to be welded or painted (KTL) without prior washing. If even higher levels of cleanliness are required, cleaning with water or a mild alkaline cleaner is sufficient. The lubricants are applied using the LBI oil free spraying and dispensing technology or with rows of felts. Manual application with a cloth or brush has also become established.

The LUBform product range supports our customers in meeting the challenges posed by high-performance tools and modern machining methods. Our products are recognised by our customers as fundamentals in the process.

Particularly appreciated:

  • Outstanding lubrication performance
  • Excellent wear protection
  • Optimum cooling effect
  • Reduced lubricant consumption
  • Mostly weldable without washing
  • Best corrosion protection
  • Biocide-free

More informations about the different applications of our lubricants are available here.

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