Our customers are
at home in the world of forming technology
and machining

Protecting the environment and employees is important to our international customers. Their business is forming and machining processes. Our oil-free lubricants are tailored to the individual needs of our customers and can be used for all relevant processes. Our products are in demand not only because they are environmentally friendly, but also because they save a lot of money, since the workpieces can be processed immediately without a cleaning procedure. What this drastically reduces is water consumption and disposal costs. The work processes are also streamlined and the employees have the good feeling that our lubricants are less stressful because the products are more skin-friendly and environmentally friendly than conventional oils.

The range of applications for our products:

Customers appreciate total solution
The lubricants are based on regenerative and synthetic polymers.

These ensure that our products are biodegradable, because thanks to our innovative formulation we can do without chlorine, silicone and heavy metals. Our forward-looking alternative to conventional forming lubricants or forming oil is therefore highly appreciated by our customers. Another advantage is that the products provide particularly good protection against corrosion. In addition, they comply with the EU REACH directives.
The dispensing systems from LBI oil free are perfectly matched to our lubricants. Technology and lubricants form a tried and tested overall solution for our customers. Our in-house laboratory is also of great value to our customers. Training, on-site installations, maintenance, testing and repairs are also part of our service.

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