Welding additives from IRMCO® increase efficiency

Weld release agents are inexpensive, effective and workplace and environmentally friendly and are an integral part of the machining processes in the metalworking industry. The oil-free, aqueous-alkaline release agents prevent shrinkage and adhesion of weld spatter. The customers of LBI oil free have already known the reliable properties of the fluid IRMCO® FLUID 980 519. New is IRMCO® FLUID 980 109J-D, which has been specially developed for welding robot and laser welding applications and has already received top ratings from users. IRMCO® FLUID 980 109J-B is available for manual workplaces in spray bottle form.
Laserschweißen eines Blechs

Environmentally friendly welding release agents

The intelligent fluids are free of chlorine, silicone, Teflon, solvents, oil and aromatics and are very compatible with KTL processes. Due to their formulation, they are not a hazardous material like comparable classic welding release agents. On the contrary: they are quickly biodegradable and skin-friendly. Their over-weldability and very high release effect keeps the machining processes dynamic and thus ultimately also ensures low unit costs.

IRMCO Fluids

Exclusively available at LBI oil free

IRMCO®'s welding release agents, which are sold exclusively by LBI oil free, are used in both manual and automatic welding applications. Laser welding also benefits from the high-performance fluids. They are applied with a hand spray bottle or by means of an automatic spray system. LBI oilfree develops, produces and distributes the appropriate systems for this, so that a holistic solution can be provided. Test positions and test welds in the application environment are possible at any time.

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