Lubricant consumption is an important and complex issue. Experience shows that lubricants in metal processing account for up to a quarter of the costs, which are incurred through procurement but also through disposal. In order to optimise the lubricant consumption of our customers or to integrate a modern solution into the production process from the very beginning, our customers rely on our dispensing technology, which ensures an optimal lubricant consumption. The manually operated or automated systems not only save time and money, but also ensure smoother processes.

Dreieck - Kosten - Zeit - Qualität

Apply fluids selectively

Our precise nozzle systems stand for a clean working environment and low lubricant consumption. They are made for processes in which thin to highly viscous media are used. The fluids are applied specifically to the surfaces and workpieces. The dispensing technology ensures that tubes or blanks are lubricated quickly and easily. The spray pattern is reliably uniform. Spray mist is prevented, so there is no risk of contamination of the production equipment and the health of the employees is also protected. A special extraction system is unnecessary with the dispensing systems from LBI oil free.

Lubricant consumption is low

With minimum quantity lubrication (MQL), only a few millilitres per hour are needed for the respective process. The low application of liquid reduces environmental pollution, operating costs and plant contamination. The dispensing of the lubricant quantity is reproducible, which our customers greatly appreciate. Thanks to the economical lubrication and the intelligent recipe of the lubricants, the workpieces are clean and dry after machining and can be further processed immediately. Even painting and welding is possible.

Manual or automatic operation

LBI's dispensing technology is used for forming, deep drawing and tube bending, for coil and blank lubrication and internal tube lubrication. The range includes manually operated as well as automatic dispensing machines and systems. Do you have any questions about lubricant consumption and our dispensing systems? Then just let us know. Write to us or give us a call.

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