Biodegradable high-tech lubricants for metal processing

In metal processing, the demands on the production and machining of shaped workpieces are increasing. This sub-sector of production technology is also subject to ever new environmental regulations, fierce predatory competition and currently the consequences of the geopolitical situation. Supply bottlenecks and shortages of raw materials do not spare metalworking companies either. In this context, production processes and the rethinking of traditional processing methods are being put to the test.

Hallo mit eingelagerten Metall Coils

High-tech lubricant for metalworking

LBI oil free lubricants relieve companies in various ways because the biodegradable products clearly meet environmental requirements. As a rule, they do not constitute a hazardous substance and not only protect the health of employees, but also fulfil all expectations of a high-tech lubricant. This means: the products not only stand for sustainability, but also for efficiency and can also be used for modern high-performance tools.

LBI oil free offers various products for metal processing. The superior cooling effect of the trend-setting lubricants ensures excellent lubrication and wear protection performance, high cycle rates with constant or even longer tool life. All lubricants are low-foaming, free of chlorine, oil, silicone, mineral oil and heavy metals. The innovative formulations do not contain any volatile organic compounds (VOC) and are particularly skin-friendly.

Weld or paint without washing

The residue behaviour of all products allows the workpiece to be welded or painted (KTL) without prior washing. This eliminates the time-consuming washing processes of machines and workpieces that are necessary when using lubricants containing mineral oil. This not only saves time, but also costs. If even higher degrees of cleanliness are required, cleaning with water or a mild-alkaline cleaner is sufficient.

If companies in the metalworking industry need an individual solution, this can be developed thanks to the company's own laboratory, and these can also be tested with test set-ups. The appropriate dispensing technology from LBI oil free guarantees perfect interaction between technology and lubricant, which further simplifies the relevant processes in metal processing in which lubricants are needed.

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