High benefits for lubricants and dispensing technology

The benefits of LBI oil free lubricants are high. The production processes are cleaner and do not pollute employees or the environment. Due to the use of renewable raw materials as a basis, most of the lubricants do not require labelling and are not harmful to the health of the user at the machine.

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No expensive cleaning

Expensive cleaning of workpieces and equipment can be dispensed with during the production process. The dry components can be welded directly, coated or even placed in a KTL bath. If cleaning is necessary for other reasons, LUB lubricants can be washed off very easily with warm water or a mild cleaning agent.

Another cost saving. Oil-contaminated operating materials such as rags, cloths and cardboard are no longer needed and no longer have to be disposed of at great expense. Storage of the reservoirs is also unproblematic, as the time-consuming requirements of storing hazardous substances are no longer necessary.

40 percent less consumption

Thanks to the intelligent formulation of the lubricants, which can be individually adapted in the company's own laboratory, the lubricant consumption is reduced by approx. 40 %. Machine and tool are significantly cleaner and discolouration on the component, previously caused by petrochemical solvents, no longer occurs. This means that the lubricants from LBI oil free are not only particularly compatible for the employees, but also for the metal surfaces. Their odour is pleasant and there is no risk to health as with conventional oil-based lubricants.

High benefit also for dispensing technology

Thanks to a marked reduction in fogging, the use of an expensive extraction system can usually be dispensed with. The dispensing technology of LBI oil free ensures a constant spray intensity as well as high process and repeat accuracy. The spray pattern is homogeneous and even spot lubrication can be precisely placed. Maintenance of the manually operated or automatic dosing units and systems is efficient and nozzle replacement is simple.

The benefit of lubricants

  • Oil-free
  • Offer healthy working conditions
  • Reduce cleaning and disposal costs
  • Components can be processed immediately
  • Faster production processes
  • Customizable
  • Best spraying and dispensing properties
  • Environmentally friendly

The benefits of dispensing technology

  • Constant spray intensity
  • High process and repeat accuracy
  • Homogeneous spray pattern
  • Spot lubrication
  • Low maintenance
  • Easy nozzle change
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