High performance
without compromise
with the forming lubricants
from LBI oil free

Our highly developed forming lubricants set standards in the metalworking industry. They have been specially developed by our laboratory team to optimise your forming processes and increase productivity.
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Our forming lubricants at a glance

Friction reduction for flawless forming

Our lubricants offer first-class friction reduction between the workpiece and forming tools. This not only ensures smooth forming processes, but also minimises material wear and extends the service life of your tools. In addition, we integrate carefully selected additives as required to further improve the performance of our lubricants.

Versatile applications

Our forming lubricants are used in a wide range of applications, from automotive production to general metalworking. Whether for deep drawing of body parts or for stamping and pressing - we have the right solution for your specific requirements.

Innovative composition

Our formulations are characterised by their particular skin-friendliness, as they are free of chlorine, silicone, Teflon, solvents, oil and aromatics. Therefore, there is no need for hazardous substance classification. Another highlight for our customers: Our biodegradable lubricants make a valuable contribution to environmental protection. We combine this environmental friendliness with extremely low consumption, so that we consistently offer sustainability at all levels. As the workpieces do not have to be washed and therefore no waste water has to be disposed of, additional resources and costs can be saved.

Efficient heat dissipation

Thanks to our innovative formulations, our forming lubricants contribute effectively to heat dissipation. This not only protects your tools from overheating, but also improves the quality of your manufactured parts.

Perfect dispensing technology for minimised lubricant consumption

The synergies between our lubricants and the dispensing technology from LBI oil free guarantee a minimised use of lubricants. Our wide range of systems adapts to every application and can be easily customised to individual customer requirements. Both the systems and the lubricants can be extensively trialled in test runs to find the optimum solution for your requirements.

Increased tool life

Our lubricants maximise the service life of your forming tools, resulting in long-term cost savings.

Top surface quality

By using our forming lubricants, you improve the surface quality of your manufactured parts, resulting in more satisfied customers and higher quality standards.

More information about the different applications of our lubricants is available here.

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