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LBI oil free GmbH bündelt durch Fusion seine Stärken

"To streamline our processes and strengthen our advantages, we have merged," says Sascha Keller, Managing Director of the new LBI oil free GmbH. The company's history reflects the trio of managing directors, which also includes Johannes Lülsdorf, who was previously responsible for LBI oil free GmbH, and Jürgen Büffor, formerly Managing Director of LBI Industriekomponenten GmbH. With the merger, the company can adapt to the rapidly changing market conditions and adapt products and technologies to the contemporary conditions for metalworking even more flexibly than before.

"Every day we notice that the increasing cost pressure and stricter environmental regulations are also causing more and more problems for metalworking companies," says Keller, describing the current market situation. Lubricants, which are indispensable for numerous processes to ensure smooth machining, are increasingly coming into focus. Oils are usually used as lubricants, which have to be washed off at great expense after machining. The resulting waste water has to be disposed of at great expense, because it must not simply end up in the sewage system. For many years, LBI oil free, which specialises in oil-free lubricants and the appropriate dispensing technology, has been proving that there is another way.

Environmentally and workplace friendly

All products are developed and manufactured on the basis of environmentally and workplace-friendly raw materials. They are based on regenerative and synthetic polymers that are largely biodegradable and do not contain chlorine, silicone or heavy metals. The products provide particularly good protection against corrosion and comply with the EU REACH guidelines. In addition to the sustainability aspects, the lubricants are also extremely economical. Work processes are also streamlined and - employees have the good feeling that the lubricants are less stressful, as the products are more skin-friendly and environmentally friendly than conventional oils.

In doing so, the team of experts at LBI oil free does not leave it at standard solutions. "We almost always adapt our formulations to the actual needs of our customers and vary our lubricants according to requirements," says Johannes Lülsdorf, Managing Director and developer of the lubricants.


Neben den optimalen Schmiermitteln bietet das mittelständische Unternehmen, das seinen Firmensitz in Worms hat, auch die passende Dosiertechnik an. Diese gewährleistet nicht nur eine einfache Handhabung und Prozesssicherheit, sondern auch einen effizienten Betriebsmitteleinsatz.

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