LBI oil free is the exclusive distributor of IRMCO® lubricants for Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Moreover we deliver the Netherlands, Romania and Hungary. For more than 20 years, we have been supplying the REACH-registered, oil-free IRMCO® lubricants that meet the highest requirements of today's metalworking. The oil-free standard lubricants are used in the machining of high-strength steels. Classic fields of application are deep drawing and punching of automotive parts. But the machining of stainless steels and aluminium also benefits from the oil-free lubricants. They are suitable for all types of metal processes, such as stamping, forming, deep drawing, perforating and roll forming. The standard products from IRMCO® are characterised by better metal flow. At the same time, tool wear is reduced.

IRMCO Fluids

More than 100 years of experience

IRMCO® can draw on a great deal of experience in the manufacture of its products. In 2014, the company celebrated its 100th anniversary.

Today it is run in the second generation by Jeff Jeffery, the son of the company founder. Already since the oil crisis in the 1970s, IRMCO® has focused on new solutions for metalworking and developed new environmentally and workplace friendly solutions.
This has resulted in IRMCO®'s oil-free products, which found their way to Europe via IRMCO EUROPE B.V. at the end of 1999.

Wide range of applications

IRMCO® polymer technology was developed for demanding high-strength steel applications in the automotive industry. For example, the 980-323 product line is the first oil-free metal forming lubricant approved by Ford Motor Co. This thin-film technology enables the production of parts from all high-strength steel grades with tensile strengths of up to 1,180 N/mm².

Optimised assembly, cleaning and painting

In most cases, parts formed with IRMCO® products can be welded, painted or assembled without prior cleaning, providing significant savings in energy and process efficiency. IRMCO® lubricants have the highest rating for reducing paint defects caused by lubricant residues.
IRMCO Gel Logo

Tube bending lubricant: IRMCO® GEL

IRMCO® mandrel bending gel has become the standard lubricant for tube and pipe bending worldwide. It is chosen by many of the world's largest OEM exhaust manufacturers. IRMCO® gels enable tube benders to produce clean, drip-free tubes of all materials that can be welded without washing. IRMCO® is the only company with 4 AIRBUS approvals for oil-free aerospace metal forming.

Deep Drawing & Punching

IRMCO® FLUIDS high-performance lubricants for stamping and deep drawing are oil-free alternatives to conventional oils. IRMCO® FLUIDS have been extensively tested in laboratory and field trials and proven for decades to replace chlorinated and other conventional oil-based stamping lubricants in heavy stamping and forming processes.

Do you have questions about IRMCO's new product ranges? Then we will be happy to advise you.
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