LBI oil free is the exclusive distributor of IRMCO® lubricants for Germany, Austria and Switzerland. We have been supplying the REACH-registered, oil-free IRMCO® lubricants in Europe since 2009, which meet the highest requirements of today's metalworking. The oil-free standard lubricants are used in the machining of all metals. Classic fields of application are tube bending, deep drawing and punching of automotive parts. Especially the machining of AHSS steels benefits from the oil-free lubricants. They are suitable for all types of forming processes, such as punching, forming, deep drawing, perforating and roll forming. IRMCO®'s products are characterised by a better metal flow. At the same time, tool wear is reduced.


IRMCO® product series

IRMCO Fluids

The IRMCO GEL® series contains all gel products of IRMCO®. These products are especially used on tube bending and roll-profiling applications.

IRMCO Gel Logo

In die IRMCO GEL®-Serie umfasst alle gelförmigen Produkte von IRMCO®. Diese kommen insbesondere beim Rohrbiegen und Profilieren zum Einsatz, wo sie ihre Vorteile ausspielen können.

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