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Simply print on oil-free lubricants

LBI oil free and REA present special printers

Simply print oil-free lubricants? LBI oil free and REA have now put this vision into practice and present the REA JET HR Lube System and the REA JET DOD Lube System. Both solutions ensure that only as much lubricant as necessary is applied during metal forming for spot, line or surface lubrication.

The REA JET HR-Lube system is used for coil wetting. It is equipped with a special writing head. This can apply the oil-free lubricant highly precisely and sparingly. The application width is up to 12.7 mm per print head. With a corresponding cascading of up to 8 print heads, a total application width of over 100 mm is possible.

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State-of-the-art interface technology for integration into machines and systems as well as simple and intuitive operation through the cross-technology REA JET TITAN platform controller in a stainless steel housing with protection class IP65 round off the high-quality bundle.

Also new is the ready-to-use REA JET DOD Lube System, which scores points in coil and blank wetting. The printer is easy and intuitive to operate and can handle a job width of up to 2,300 mm when several print heads are cascaded. Both solutions can be supplemented with a robot or industrial distance compensation devices for different product positions during the printing process.

The minimal use of lubricants in both systems is ensured by the digital and precise dispensing. The fine nozzles ensure mist- and aerosol-free, highly precise and individual application of the lubricants. There is no need to worry about dripping, which keeps the working environment clean. The lubricant is only applied where it is needed. In this way, unit costs can be precisely calculated and controlled.

Customers appreciate the high production and operational reliability and the low operating costs. With printing speeds of up to 600 m/min, production can pick up speed. Both systems can be used in the environment of forming/deep-drawing presses and automatic punching/bending machines. Both systems can also be integrated into assembly lines for electrical components or the food industry.

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