IRMCO® FLUID 980 323K-H does not require any chlorine, silicone, solvents or oil

IRMCO® FLUID 980 323K-H convinces users in their forming and standing processes with its texture and functionality. The solution is characterised by its extremely high wear protection effect, which keeps tool wear low. The formula does not contain any chlorine, silicone, solvents or oil. The viscosity is low, which is why the fluid can be used largely without dripping. Thanks to the environmentally friendly formula, the oil-free lubricant is skin-friendly and biodegradable. It is not a hazardous substance and corresponds to water hazard class 1.
IRMCO Fluids

IRMCO® FLUID 980 323K-H has a long lubricating effect

All forming, deep drawing, tube bending or punching processes benefit from the long-lasting lubricating effect across the tool life stages and component lengths. The very low-residue lubricant is not limited to just one material, but can be used universally with all materials. Aluminium machining in particular benefits from this lubricant.

IRMCO FLUID 980 323K-H can be applied by hand or via semi- or fully-automatic dispensing systems. A hand roller or the classic brush is used for this. For automated machining processes, roller oilers or the dispensing systems from LBI oil free can be used; the spraying technique is particularly advantageous here. Minimum quantity cooling lubrication (MMKS) is also possible.

A proven alternative

As you would expect from LBI oil free, IRMCO® FLUIDS high performance lubricants are the oil-free alternative to conventional oils. They have been extensively tested in laboratory and field trials and have already proven themselves in practice for decades. They are particularly popular because they can confidently replace chlorinated and other conventional, oil-based punching lubricants in heavy punching and forming processes.

LBI oil free is IRMCO's exclusive trading partner for the German-speaking region. However, we also supply the Netherlands, Romania and Hungary.

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