The oil-free High-Tec chain lubrication

bike LUB®

bikeLUB® is a completely newly developed high-tech lubricant specifically for bicycle chains, which replaces by its special properties all previous lubricants such as chain oil and chain wax. Lowest sliding friction, long-term lubrication effects, smooth running, washability from textiles and biodegradability are the main arguments for this chain lubricant. Bike LUB® is an oil-free, high-tech lubricant based on water. It is the environmentally conscious implementation of technological research geared to the needs of the sports and leisure sector.

Chain lubrication

oil-free • clean • enviromental friendly

bike LUB®

The oil-free alternative to chain oil or grease

bike LUB® extreme

For a very long-lasting lubrication layer in harsh environmental conditions

bike LUB® dry

Dry chain lubricant for dusty conditions

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