LBI News 2021 #1 | Bending without oil

No oil? What else?

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All components are manufactured oil-free with LBI lubricants

Our tube bending lubricants are completely free of mineral oil and still deliver the highest surface quality in bending processes with low tool wear.

We deliberately avoid the use of mineral oil in our bending lubricants. Our lubricants are based on water or native polymers. Through targeted additives, high-tech lubricants can be developed that are superior to bending oils in many cases. For our users, this has many technical advantages in addition to the environmental benefits:

We have continuously developed our lubricants over the past years and have the right lubricant for almost every pipe material in our portfolio. Together with you, we will analyze your process to find the optimal solution for you.

If you have special requirements for the lubricant, we have the possibility with our laboratory to adapt our lubricants individually to your needs.

LBI Minimum quantity lubrication

Application directly through the mandrel

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In order to reduce lubricant consumption as much as possible, the lubricant must only be applied where it is needed

- At the connection between mandrel and tube -

Our mandrel lubrication system is available for almost all bending machines and ensures low costs through minimal consumption.
Detailansicht der Steuereinheit eines DS-6 Dosiersystems

We support you in the selection of the required components according to your existing machine and your requirements. In addition to the lubrication of the mandrel, the system is also expandable for a lubrication of the wiper die via an external spray nozzle.

Our system requires only a monostable 24V/DC signal for dispensing. A connection to the machine control system is therefore very easy. All other parameters, such as spray and tank pressure, can be adjusted via the DS-6 system.

To prevent the 6-liter tank from running empty unnoticed, our DS-6 systems are equipped with an electric float switch for integration into the machine control system, as well as a visual fill level indicator.

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