Developed individual dispensing system to customer's needs

At the request of a well-known car manufacturer, we have further developed our existing dispensing system and tailored it to their requirements.

They need a minimum quantity lubrication for a bending machine with an inside-lubrication of the mandrel and an external lubrication of three wrinkles.

The requirements of the new system are:

The amount adjustment for the medium was too rough on the existing system for the amounts of LBI lubricant used. In addition, the medium should no longer be controlled by solenoid valves, but rather by LBI LB-002 dispensing valves. At the same time, the current setting should be readable as a numerical value.

In order to be able to change the parameters of the minimum quantity lubrication during operation and to make the adjustment of the machine easer, it must be installed outside the production cell.

For the control of the spray air, a pressure regulator and for each spray point a throttle with scale is used. So each spray point can be customized to produce as little spray as possible.

To meet these requirements, we have extended our LB-002 dispensing valve by a counter. The amount of medium can now be adapted to the process in minimal quantities exactly and reproducibly.

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LBI Minidüse M8

To apply the lubricant, LBI mini nozzles are used, which ensure an even lubricant application in both the mandrel bar and the wrinkle.

The internal lubrication of the mandrel bar uses our proven concept:

The developed system now ensures even automatic lubrication of the process, which meets all our customer's expectations.

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